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doing the 'scene' thing and applying..

[x] Name: amie.
[x] Age: 19.
[x] Location: baltimore, md.
[x] Top 5 favorite bands: fordirelifesake, everytime i die, as i lay dying, unearth, underoath.
[x] What is it that makes you so "scene": i think the elitist attitude that i have towards people who aren't "scene". people who listen to shitty music (nu-metal most specifically). people who don't dress as good as me&my friends do. all that good stuff.
[x] Last show you've been to: hellfest2k4. before that, dillinger escape plan/darkest hour/the bronx.
[x] Do you belong to Friendster, Lipstickparty, and/or Myspace: all 3. i completely forget my friendster name. i'm fuckxyourxvalues on lsp, and my email is hotxdamn_@hotmail.com for myspace.


have fun.
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