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Punch A Scenester For Hardcore Day!

at the next show you go to, punch em out!

fashioncore kids get you 10 points if you smear their make-up on their sweet atreyu shirt.
20 points if you beat and choke them with their white belt they bought from Hot Topic

punks get you 5 points .. if they have a mohawk, grab onto that shit and don't let go! hit them while their "skanking" for triple points!

hardcore kids get ya no points because you won't win.

sXe kids with an X on their hands : give em a damn good whalloping!! they're sooo asking to get hit with that electrical tape on their hands. they give you 15 points if you win.

vegans: hahahaha!!!

just start an fucking riot!!

have fun kiddies.

OH YEAH!! anyone wearing a HATEBREED shirt is double points!
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