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[x] Name: Dan
[x] Age: 19
[x] Location: Palmer, Alaska

[x] Top 5 favorite bands: December Aeternalis, Set Ablaze, American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost, The Nine Orders Of Angels, Swear To God

[x] What is it that makes you so "scene": being scene is a fucking joke.. Make-up has no place in hardcore.

[x] Last show you've been to: aside from the one my band played friday, The Forensics. living in Alaska is makes it hard to see sweet bands.. i've seen ZZ Top, Tool, The Turtles, Everclear (met art alexakis), Anatomy of a Ghost (John Gourley was my buddy before he left for portland to re-form AOAG.. im miss his emo band Ben Hates Me), The Forensics, Ani DiFranco, The Coachwhips !!!

[x] Do you belong to Friendster, Lipstickparty, and/or Myspace: Myspace, ooh yeah.
[x] Post atleast 4 pictures of yourself:

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